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How macaroni cheese came home

For centuries, British families have come together over bubbling bowls of macaroni cheese. With crisp tops perfect for plunging, molten middles, and the squabble for the burnt bits, what dish says family better? No wonder humble macaroni cheese was one of the first dishes English explorers cooked up when they landed in America. A homage to home. One day in 2012, in the spirit of adventurers past, a group of English friends exploring the States stopped at a diner in Harlem with a growling hunger and sickness for home in their stomachs. Faced with a hearty menu of soul food to choose from, it was the cosy promise of macaroni cheese that called to them. Over dripping forkfuls thousands of miles from home, the friends realised England had forgotten how glorious this gooey, golden goodness could be.

They knew they had to

bring back proper mac.

“Good food is just so important, it can bring friends and family together in a unique, enjoyable experience, and that’s what Holy Moly is all about.”